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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Uboa Easter Egg

Yume Nikki is probably one of the weirdest games I've ever seen. Like literally what is it about?? Different camera angles, settings and well... It's probably an OK game but still... Among other things, 'Uboa' kind of puts Yume Nikki single-handedly on the... 'wtf' scale.

In Yume Nikki, you occasionally come across a house. Still OK, and you can go inside. There is a girl in there. It still seems normal enough. That is until you go nearer the door and flick the lightswitch. Now this probably won't do anything. However, some people on the internet suggest that there is a 1/64 chance (about 1.5%) that when you flick the switch, this guy shows his face.

Now wtaf is that? 

Touch Uboa, and you get transported to some really weird nightmare world... I have no idea how you get out, having never played the game; but you can get out somehow. But when Uboa appears (scarily actually taking over the girl in the house) you can't get out or turn the lights back on... it's very creepy.

Wtf is that thing in the background?

I have literally no idea what this game is about, but that is my creepy Easter egg of the day. Unfortunately for the creators of Yume Nikki, this 1.5% chance Easter egg is actually the only thing people will remember this... strange 2D game for. 

Imagine what Uboa would look like in 3D...

Lol hey kids