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Friday, July 11, 2014

How to get Unity 3D Pro for Free

If you have trouble with Step 4, the only troubleshooting tips offered are for Windows 7 and 8.

Unity 3D Pro is a pretty good piece of game development software, used by professionals alongside things like Cinema 4D and 3ds Max. Unity 3D however boasts many more abilities, such as the ability to create cutting-edge 2D games as well as 3D, and a wider variety of platforms- with some licensees even validating development for very hard-to-write-for consoles such as the Wii U and PS4.

Sounds great, right? Well, obviously such a great (and really expensive) piece of software poses a challenge when obtaining it. It gave me a right headache, but here is how you do it:

Unity 3D Pro version 4.5.0 f6

Step 1) Download the torrent from Pirate Bay 
There are a load of different torrents for this kind of thing, but my advice would be to use the following:[MUMBAI-TPB]
Mumbai Torrents were actually quite helpful when I was having trouble at first, too. You can get in touch with them through the social media accounts documented in the torrent itself. Download the torrent, it should take about an hour, or maybe even half an hour. Who knows? P2P is a right little pest when it comes to download time estimates.

Step 2) Install the torrent
When opening the torrent, you should be faced with a similar-looking window to this. Ignore the 'Followme' file unless you want to contact Mumbai Torrents Directly. The 'Readme' file is useful, but is basically what I am writing on here. Run the application 'UnitySetup-4.5.0.exe' (or if no .exe extension is shown just run the application in there). It is basically the same as if you were setting up the legitimate off-the-shelf program, so it will guide you through the installation steps. However BEWARE, as while it says 4.4GB I think it takes up a bit more than that in your destination folder.

Select 'UnitySetup-4.5.0' to begin installing Unity

Also, make sure you install it to the C:\ drive. I tried to install it to my data drive, I'm not sure what difference it makes but seeing as we are later going to use some App Data files in the C:\ drive, it's better to store it there.

ONE MORE THING: DO NOT OPEN UNITY 3D AFTER INSTALLATION. The wizard will automatically check the box to open it, don't! If you accidentally do, ensure it is completely closed and just to be safe restart your computer.

Step 3) Add the new icon
Next, we need to return to the torrent and get the file inside the 'Crack' folder called 'Unity.exe' (Or just 'Unity' if the is once again no .exe file extension). Copy the application and then head to the location of the copy of Unity 3D Pro you have just installed. Where you need to go will most likely be one of the following links:
[C:\Program Files\Unity\Editior\]
[C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\]
Paste the cracked application into the folder, you will probably get a message saying 'This folder already contains a file named 'Unity'' in which case select 'Copy and Replace' so the file you have taken from the torrent kicks out the current file.

This is the file you need to use as the icon in order to use a cracked Unity 3D Pro
Next, delete any desktop icons and Start Menu icons left by Unity, as they may still be pointing to an uncracked version. In the Unity 3D Pro directory, make shortcuts of the new 'Unity.exe' application and move them to your desktop and start menu.

Step 4) DIFFICULT IN SOME RESPECTS- Crack the program
The next part is pretty difficult, well at least it was for me and based on the response to Mumbai Torrents loads of people found it a struggle as well.

The next thing we need to do is crack Unity 3D Pro, so it doesn't ask you for a serial key, or hassle you about unpaid licenses. So go into the torrent folder and into the 'Crack' folder and this time copy the file 'Unity_v4.x.ulf'. This is the crack for the program. Now, search for the following files on Windows Explorer (actually type in the path, the following files are hidden from the viewer for security so you must go through via typing in the following pathways into the search bar:

Copy 'Unity_v4.x.ulf'

For Windows XP users: [C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Unity\]
For Windows 7 and 8 users: [C:\ProgramData\Unity\]

I don't know about Windows XP users, but as soon as I tried this...

Yes, as it turns out these files don't exist or don't seem to exist... The file [C:\ProgramData\] exists and that works in a similar way to the 'AppData' files hidden under the directory for an individual Windows user. But the file within that directory for Unity does not exist...

So what do we do? Well, after much searching, I contacted Mumbai Torrents and asked- the reply I received was that it was a hidden folder, but I still couldn't find it. Also someone else on the torrent comments said it is a hidden file. But after still not finding it... I had the greatest idea since probably... I don't know, since the formation of America. 

Make the file yourself
Make the file yourself
Make the file yourself

Yes, if you cannot find a 'Unity' folder inside the 'ProgramData' directory, make the file! I simply clicked 'New Folder' and called it 'Unity' and then pasted the 'Unity_v4.x.ulf' in there. Then I ran the program, and presto! It actually worked! I couldn't believe it!

In [C:\ProgramData\] click 'New folder' and call it 'Unity' and paste the crack in there

So there is my guide on getting Unity 3D Pro for free. It wasn't as difficult as I had expected, but it was certainly challenging at Step 4. 

So enjoy Unity 3D Pro, I have only just got it working myself, so maybe I'll have a play around with it later and see what assets I can get, or if our good friend The Pirate Bay has anything for us. 

Not sure what programs I'll do next, but I do like things when they are easy, so I might do ones for Visual Studio! Enjoy Unity 3D Pro in the meantime!