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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to get SketchUp Pro for Free

While this tutorial won't be a pain like the Unity 3D Pro one, I do recommend you thoroughly read this right through, and all the image captions, before starting and throughout as I accidentally sprinkled tips and useful information in a terrible order all over this tutorial. 

Okay, so a couple of days ago I did one of these on Unity 3D Pro. As we will recall, it is a right pain to achieve. But, being a budding game developer I always try to look for decent new 3D building software to use. After a bit of web research, and some helpful advice from a friend, I am currently looking into cracking the Unreal Engine. The UE is a very powerful, professional tool that is the program of choice for making many cutting-edge games. Notable users of the UE include the developers of the very successful Gears of War series and also CHair Entertainment, developers of the hugely popular iOS series Infinity Blade. However, being so professional it seems quite hard to get. I have a crack for the UE, but at present I have no idea what to do with it. It's 2.2GB, so I do believe it has a role to play, but I'll look some more soon. When I have found a way to crack it, I'll definitely do one of these posts on it.

Anyway, another program I found that is quite highly rated and I have seen used (and it looks good) is SketchUp. I know it's linked to Google Maps somehow, and it's an architect program- and after playing about with it I've actually found it seems pretty good for 3D maps and a serious contender for my software of choice alongside Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Cartography Shop 4.1, Unity 3D Pro and hopefully in the future the Unreal Engine.

Okay so probably this is pushing it, but still look at that environment!

Anyway, a brilliant thing about SU is it is extremely easy to crack and took me about 10 minutes- no problems! So after this really long intro, I'll try and make the rest of this brief. 

SketchUp Pro 2014 

Step 1) Install the torrent
Like all cracks, it begins with the torrent. Fortunately the provider of this one is one of those Pirate Bay uploaders who is just fantastic- I'm talking ChingLiu. One of those amazing uploaders who gets the job done! The torrent can be found at the following address but remember, the proxy sites get banned from time to time in various regions so be prepared for the following link to not work in the near future:[ChingLiu]

Step 2) Turn off your Internet connection
Disable all Internet connections before you use the torrent. This can be done by clicking the... you know what I'm not even going to bother. If you can't disable the Internet on a PC that's your problem you absolute retard.

Step 3) Install SketchUp Pro 2014
Open the torrent and click 'SketchUpPro-en.exe'. If you are running Windows 7 like me this should be automatic but make sure you run it as the administrator (Right-click the file, and click 'Run as administrator'). Everything should be installed and the installation should go smoothly. It went smoothly for me and nothing ever goes smoothly for me in this sort of endevour so you should be alright.

Run as administrator to prevent any unlikely set-up issues.

Step 4) Copy the hacked .exe applications into the file directories
If you did Unity 3D Pro according to my trial, then you will already be familiar with this. Luckily, unlike Mumbai Torrents, ChingLiu has given us no complicated hack to put in the hidden computer files! Yay! Simply open the folder 'Cracked Files' within the torrent, and copy each one of the programs.

Yes, there are three programs:
- SketchUp 2014
- LayOut 2014
- Style Builder 2014

If you are like me and are lazy then instead of trailing through the C:\ drive to find the SketchUp Pro 2014 directory, why not right-click the three new desktop icons you have and click 'Open file location'? It will take you straight to the directory. Copy and paste the three icons into the correct directory.

DO NOT do what I do and install SketchUp into the D:/ drive. I only do it because my C:\ drive is full.

Step 5) Everything else
There are certain issues with cracking expensive high-tech programs like these in the sense that you can't update them. My torrent provider for Adobe CS6 claimed I could update any Adobe software all the time but nope. Before reconnecting the Internet, make sure you check your firewall settings and block automatic updating otherwise the cracks will cease to work. However I'm not going to show you that because I spent like half an hour trying to find any useful sections in my Firewall and with the Internet reconnected it isn't even a problem so just... hope you're the same way (In all honesty you should be).

Presto! SketchUp Pro 2014, LayOut 2014 and Style Builder 2014 at your disposal! When you start up SketchUp you will see a pop-up asking you to select a template (basically your axis and units of measurement and architectural type. In this pop up there is a 'Licence' section and you'll see your licence is like the following picture:

Don't be too discouraged if this screen freezes and doesn't respond first time... or is that just my crap PC?

So that was my guide on getting SketchUp Pro 2014 for free. To be honest, it was the easiest crack of a program I've ever done. Obviously not as easy as Visual Studio because the geniuses at Microsoft use universal and easy-to-obtain keys for unlocking their programs which require no hacks but as far as actually cracking a program goes... This one was a gift! Too easy! 

Obviously my next tutorial will be on the Unreal Engine, but first I need to be able to work it out myself- I can't make any promises. Looks like as far as cracking it goes, it may be on the other end of the difficulty spectrum to SketchUp Pro 2014.

But don't underestimate this- it makes nice, architectural models and my sources inform me that learning to use it is much easier to grasp than things that require extensive training like FRICKIN BLENDER or 3ds Max, or Cinema 4D or stuff like that (Unity doesn't seem as hard, the extra value is that everything is nice and usable as opposed to its Autodesk and Maxon rivals.