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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun is Infinite Easter Egg

One of video gaming's creepiest Easter eggs- the Fun is Infinite message.

On Sonic CD, the first Sonic game that used a CD designed for the SEGA CD (It all makes too much sense), there is a 'Sound Test' like in every Sonic game. But it's actually quite cool because you enter combinations of numbers and you can unlock cheats and hack the game. However, a certain code; displays one hell of a sight!

46:12:25 I think the code is, go into the sound test of Sonic CD. When you type that in- the following message comes up.

But what is it all about? It's not a nice image from any angle- it's dark, the music that plays with it is the final boss music on the American version too, so it sounds pretty intense.

The Japanese writing reads the following:
"Fun is Infinite
- SEGA Enterprises"

The fact that SEGA Enterprises is so much larger than anything else is pretty creepy, they must think they are a dominant company, or at least they did at this point.

The message 'Fun is Infinite' is also quite creepy as... well... well it sounds like something a little possessed girl would say in a 90s horror film. The message basically states that the video game industry is taking off, fast (bearing in mind this was from a different generation of gaming) and people having... fun is an endless industry. This is quite ironic given what happened to SEGA.

What about the creepy background? Well, SEGA could have picked a more comforting image- but since the dawn of Sonic the Hedgehog, even its creators have enjoyed turning him into a dark creature. While it wasn't SEGA, just look at things like Sonic.exe, the Tails Doll and such creepy stuff... Sonic in this picture appears to be wearing some sort of demon mask. The whole thing seems to express a dominance over the user, and is pretty fearful...

A very interesting Easter Egg in my opinion...