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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4- Pilot Verdict

Well, I finally did my job as a fan of good television and watched one of the greatest horror series in the world right now- The Walking Dead. I was up to speed with the program, and with all of the characters and who was alive / who wasn't alive, but last night's UK premiere was the first time I have ever sat down and watched it live from start to finish- and this is my verdict:

The program has a great new direction to go in, the Woodbury prison is about to collapse, one of the kids has just become a walker, there is so much to lose and the program looks almost sure to succeed. However, last night's episode fell just short of my expectations. I would've liked to have seen Rick more involved in the mega-store assault, but instead he spent time with a half-dead woman. 

This will mark the beginning of Rick's fight to keep sanity, I believe, but we have seen this before with the certain losses he has experienced.

The mega-store assault was absolutely brilliant. The walkers were on the roof, falling in, so it was raining zombies and with the bit where one of the character's feet get stuck in one of the collapsed shelves and he can't get away, I was hooked! I think more of an episode should have been made out of it; because a dark, ruined warehouse full of zombies pouring in? Well, that's the ingredients that make TWD so well-regarded, nail-biting situations just like that one!

I am disappointed how short the episodes are. 4 ad breaks is far too much. The program must have been 40 minutes at the most, and that's not enough time to build tension and establish the story line- especially not in a new series pilot! However, with commercial tele these days, what can you do?

I enjoyed the episode in all, however I think they should have made other arrangements in order to demonstrate Rick's closeness the breaking point, rather than the whole scenario with the woman- it stopped the mega-store scene dead, as they threw bits of it in.

I would give the pilot a solid 7.5/10, 75%. This is because I loved the mega-store assault, but I didn't like the desperate woman scenes. However I think if the program can incorporate fighting zombies with the new hierarchy that is being formed and they can merge that with friendship between the ranks, then the program will be in for an absolutely brilliant series!

In all, I would sum up the pilot episode as:
A slow start, leaving room for a very great continuation! 

I'll definitely be tuning in next week though!

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