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Monday, October 14, 2013

Razor S: First Look

Can any phone reach the dizzying heights of the Apple iPhone or Google Android? Well, an independent company may have the ultimate answer! Many have tried- BlackBerry, HP, Motorola, Windows etc. but none have had particular success, but it seems that a new product is in development that could have the answer! This may answer any questions you may have!

Design- First Look
The design is very sketchy, there has been very little communication from the parent company (Razor Mobile) and all we have to look at are the following, artistic conception views:

From the first look, it is clear that the screen is a focal point- there appears to be only one button, and so basic functions might be worked with the screen. The camera has not been detailed, but in the tech specs we shall cover that. There is very little in the way of detail on this diagram, but we can see from the 'Razor' logo at the bottom that this is similar to the build of the familiar 'BlackBerry Z10'

Only one more design sketch has been released, and that is the UI lock screen, so far it looks quite generic- however it looks nice none the less!

There is a nice look of the 'Notification Bar', and it contains email, and calendar events. Also, it claims to be 4G ready, as the notification bar has a little 4G logo that is not too unfamiliar these days!

Tech Specs- What do we know so far?
- It has an 8 mega pixel camera- the same quality as that on a Samsung Galaxy SII
- It is duel core- most tablets last year were duel core, a duel-core phone is top of the range!
- It has a 2GHz processor- Not bad at all!
- It is 4G-ready- This puts it at the front of the line with iPhones and the latest HTC / Samsung models

What is super cool about it?
- It has a completely custom operating system- We're not too sure what this could mean at the moment, it will certainly make or break the Razor S- it boasts a totally custom operating system, much like Linux, which can be adapted totally! Razor did say that there would be a 'Revert' function from an unattached menu in the hard drive that has the capability to fix damage caused by too much tinkering!
- It contains some apps we all know and love- We may yet see a collection of popular apps for this phone, from the picture it looks as if we may see BlackBerry Messenger for the Razor S, but other apps are not confirmed.

So, it looks pretty cool! It shows us the path this independent company looks to walk into the future! Will we see this made? Who knows? But it could be a major breakthrough if it goes ahead! But keep your eye on the Razor for the Razor S! 

Please note all design ideas and sketches are copyrighted (C) The Razor Mobile Corporation. 

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