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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Is football at an all-time low?

You can't help but feel saddened these days. The dark days of football are really upon us. And it's a new low for the beautiful game. It's a new all-time low when there is no prevailing British club in Europe, it is a new all time low when one of the world's most successful managers retires, it is a new all time low whe the world's best goal keeper and best player are stuck on the substitute benches, or when the world's best ever club loses it's hunger and falls short of expectation, or when the best manager runs out of gas. Yes, it is a sad day for all. Whether you are white, red, blue or black in football, you will be exhibiting some problems.

Iker Casillas has been confounded to the bench by a Jose Mourinho who has totally checked out, looking on to a new job. No one knows why, but one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time has seen his career come crashing down, and he seems to have been the only one to not show resistance.

The world's best player; Lionel Messi, picked up an injury in March against Paris Saint-Germain, has lost his touch. The hamstring problems just keep coming back for Messi, and he finds himself bench-warming. And even though he is desperate to get fit and get out there, Vilanova is not allowing it. Now, one of the best ever has to watch as the team that made him loses all its hunger and settles back, becoming just another club that can be easily beaten.

Then, all of a sudden, on the same day that Zinedine Zidane announced his retirement, years on, the world's most successful manager,  Sir Alex Ferguson, has decided to step down. The Manchester United we knew will never be the same.

All the people listed here are irreplaceable. And it is a shame we have lost one, but we could be at risk of losing another. It is a sad time for football, as the iconic figures that have sculpted the modern game are disappearing. No one is fighting back. For the first time, certainly in my experience, football has become lacklustre and uninspiring,  because it needs the best players, and if the key people are being lost, who knows what could happen to the beautiful game?

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