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Monday, January 04, 2016

The Dark Knight: One of the Greatest Films of All Time?


Recently, I watched the 2008 Batman film 'The Dark Knight', and rewatched seeing as I enjoyed it so much! But, the question is, is it one of the greatest films ever made? Well, there is certainly a strong case for it to be. This 2h32m, $185m budget movie is the jewel of the modern franchise. It has the highest ratings on IMDB, and comes 4th on the IMDB's own top 250 films of all time as voted for by its users; narrowly beaten by only the Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather I and II. So, The Dark Knight; is it truly a beater of such giants as Citizen Kane, Casablanca, the Star Wars franchise and such other gems?

   The Dark Knight is the second film in the modernised Batman franchise, following 'Batman Begins'. In these films we see a much darker Batman, a much more psychological thriller and generally a much more 'grown-up' ride; finally severing the wonderful, yet scarring ties to the Batman series with Adam West. While 'The Dark Knight Rises' followed, it didn't quite live up to its brother's calibre. But what makes this cracker of a film the pick of the bunch?

The Joker (Heath Ledger) applauding Com. Gordon's appointment
Alfred (Michael Caine) talking the Bruce Wayne about the Joker
   Well, let's start with the plot. This film tied every single brilliant thing about Batman into one glorious masterpiece- Gotham City, Batman's armoury and of course- The Joker. And I for one will go as far to say that the Joker makes this film. The classic villain is played by Heath Ledger- very close to his untimely death from a drug overdose. But Heath can be very proud looking down on his final performance as it is absolutely stunning. While the Joker has always been portrayed as a twisted character, Ledger brings out the absolute most insane and terrifying angle on the classic supervillain- making him scary to most and at least a little unnerving. In this film, the Joker helps many outgoing members of the mob to reclaim Gotham City and a very large amount of money from a Chinese investor Batman has extradited from Hong Kong. However the clown has his own agenda and it is summarised brilliantly by, possibly the most famous line from the film, 'Some men just want to watch the world burn'.

Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) holding Gordon's son. 
   On that subject, there are many quotes from the film you could argue top that- and that is another reason why this film is absolutely brilliant; there are so many memorable phrases and quotes that you can take from this film; whether it be the film's tagline 'Why so serious?' or the quote from the complex character Harvey Dent 'You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain'. Harvey Dent is a big thing in this film too, the brand new District Attorney- turned people's champion when he attempts to put the entire mob away at once but then turned villain by the confusing and preventable death of his girlfriend and former lover of Batman Rachel Dawes. The characters in this film focus on him; and that's the interesting thing- the whole film (and the Joker's end plan) is about Harvey Dent's reputation, and how he is the Batman-style hero people can relate see with no hidden identity. In the end the Joker is trying to break the people of Gotham in a terrible psychological experiment which is failed only due to people's belief in human kindness through people like Dent, whereas Batman and the institution are trying to uphold him as a beacon of hope. 

The boats that become part of the Joker's 'social experiment'
   This film does give you a sense of hopelessness; the Joker seems to be bodiless- around every street corner but never easy to find while he is plotting his next diabolical scheme. However Batman, who the Joker ends up targeting in order to psychologically corrupt him, needs the people around him as his only hope if he is to resist the pressure of the Joker and save the city. The edition of a half-normal, half-burned Dent is an excellent one as, after the Joker is caught, it gives Batman and commissioner Gordon a final task as if they are still battling the Joker's twisted hand through Dent. The film uses every single technique a film can use to generate every single emotion within you. And credit needs to be given to the soundtrack too, as that also is what gives the film its power over you. 

   To summarise, they really did go all-out on this film and, sad as it is to say, the death of Ledger immortalised this film as it is the only time in this modern franchise which will not be able to be reborn for another decade at least, that we will see the Joker in all his glory. And this Joker vs. Batman conflict is just what this film needed. It shows that you don't need a God-like villain, alien creatures or endless blood, gore and butchering to bring horror, Si-Fi and psychology into a film- and with these simple but effective tools the film appeals to a wide variety of audiences. It's what Star Wars VII was aiming to do- tie in everything brilliant from the plot's origins but show the world that new ideas can really up the game for a film like this. Best film ever? Not quite because I think the Godfather and the Shawshank Redemption do have the edge of this just about... but this is an undisputed third. It was a great movie event, it made over $1bn and just had everything all in the right places. The best actor had to be Heath Ledger for his flawless performance and had he not passed away just after filming had finished, I think they would have used him again- but lightening never strikes twice now, does it?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Walking Dead Second Half of Season 6 SPOILERS


This is what we know so far about the Walking Dead Season 6 part 2. So these are the deaths that have been leaked and the story that has been leaked so far:

Episode 9: No Way Out: Some big-hitting deaths hear. I'm hearing from Wet Paint that Sam is going to be eaten by walkers when he calls out for his mother. Subsequently, Jessie is going to be eaten too when she screams as she watches her son die. Carl is being held onto by Jessie as she is eaten and Rick cuts off her arm. Ron feels incredibly betrayed and so tries to kill Rick, but Carl gets in the way and the altercation ends in Carl losing an eye, like in the comic series.

Episode 16: Enter Orin: Originally from Spoiling Dead, now somewhat confirmed by the AMC prologue, Negan is making an appearance; noted as 'Orin' in the script. TrevsChan2 on YouTube claims a picture of Negan has been leaked adopting his comic book-act of killing a character on his appearance. The top candidates for this death are Morgan, Daryl and Abraham. 

Storyline: Comic book interpreters are suggesting that the Saviours will enslave Alexandria after they clear it of the walkers that are currently roaming there. Rick and assorted characters will kill individual Saviours, which will lead to Negan's appearance in Episode #16. 

Show Experts predict the Alpha Wolf will die or be killed in either Episode #9 or #10. 

Miscallaneous sources now claim that Glen is safe for the rest of the program's lifespan; following his faked death in Episode #3 and revival in Episode #7. Michonne and Carol are also thought to be safe for at least the remainder of this season according to the show's writer Robert Kirkman.


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Deep Web

There is a place in this world where you can be free... Where you can speak your mind and there be no consequences. Where you can buy whatever, sell whatever and use whatever you want in an untraceable currency through unstoppable channels. It sounds great, right? Well... it can be. But not always. But where is the place?

The Internet. But not the World Wide Web you are familiar with. The portal you use (most probably Google) only searches through indexed websites. And while this opens you up to a wealth of information, over 1,000 years of video footage and 20% of all of Earth's information- it isn't what the web is totally made up of. There is another side to the web, of unindexed and unorganised pages- with a mix of millions of hyperlinks that spring you to different sites; doing just about anything you can imagine. It is... The Deep Web.

The Deep Web: The Dark Side of the Internet 

What is it?
Do not get the words 'Internet' and 'Web' confused. While you may think they are interchangeable, they are not. The Internet is a network of networks (LANs and WANs)- that links computers, phones and all manner of devices together. The World Wide Web is an application of the Internet. Other applications include E-mail, File Transfer etc. Protocols of the Internet include Hypertext Transfer (HTTP), File Transfer (FTP), Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) etc. But what we are specifically focusing on is the World Wide Web, specifically the non-indexed side of it.

What do I mean by 'Non-indexed sites'?
Sites are indexed by Google through a number of factors. Mainly things called 'Robots' but we won't go into that. 'Indexed' sites are just websites that Google can see. Also browsers cannot get onto these non-indexed sites due to their protection level or structure. You need to use a special browser (Tor is the main one) to access these sites. The Deep Web is just a collection of invisible pages- thus why phrases are coined such as 'The Invisible Web', 'The Hidden Internet' and 'The Dark Web'.

How do you access the Deep Web?
Accessing the Deep Web is something you should do lightly. Even a little peek onto a website can land you in very deep trouble. Be it through stumbling onto a site that could earn viewers federal prison time, landing on a site with something that deanonymises your location to some very bad people, or even being unwittingly picked up by a Spider algorithm that will harvest your details and put them on a database for some very dangerous people to view. But if you are still wanting to access then here is how:

Method 1) Tor Browser (For extensive use, anonymity or transactions and / or service use)
1) Download the Tor browser from, the Tor browser is a browser that anonymises you online by hosting your requests and IP number on one of about 6,000 servers run by volunteers around the world. 
NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU ENTIRELY ANONYMOUS. Hackers, algorithms and government computers can still access your name and address within a number of minutes on standalone Tor anonymity.

2) Go to http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page. This is a matrix of hyperlinks to useful or interesting sites. Be careful though, these sites can be dangerous. And also do not follow a hyperlink from an individual on a forum as they can be tricking you. Only follow links from sites you really trust- if it is possible to trust someone on the Deep Web.

That's it really! Get ready to go into the huge abyss that is the Deep Web!

Method 2) Using a normal browser but substituting the extension for a converter link (Dangerous, risky and temperamental)
1) Find the link of the Deep Web site you wish to access.
2) Substitute the .onion link with and accept their terms and conditions
3) Be VERY careful.

NOTE: This is extremely dangerous. Anyone wanting to harvest your personal details (very personal details in some cases) can do it very easily. This isn't necessarily your address- this could even hack your hardware including your webcam to take your picture- and there are a whole host of abusive, ID theft, criminal and such other sites that are dedicated to spamming, ripping off and in some cases destroying the person they locate.

What is on the Deep Web?
Well, you asked. Get ready for this. The Deep Web contains a whole host of dark, dangerous and diabolical things. The most well-known atrocity is gruesome child abuse, with images, videos, audio recordings and even live streams of terrible things happening to children, young adults and even infants and newborns.

The Deep Web can be used for some useful things, however. Your month's supply of weed, legal highs or alcohol can be bought at a competitive price. And one thing I wanted to use the Deep Web for once was to find exam papers that I was due to sit- however this is a niche service which is only really plausible in the US where most of the Deep Web activity occurs. You can find some cool stuff at low prices- but beware that if you find, say, a Rolex watch for the equivalent of around £200; you are probably buying a stolen Rolex. You can buy fake branded clothes too, which I thought was pretty cool.

Of course; your everyday dodgy services such as streaming, torrenting and gambling can be found in spades on the Deep Web- and this may appeal to you if you'd like to keep that extra layer of caution. However, torrenting is something best left alone on the Deep Web as it is much easier to contract bad viruses and malware; and the Tor browser is not designed for torrenting and the whole network slows down.

You literally have a bit of everything on the Deep Web. Demon worshipping sites are not as frequent as other dark stuff but it is not unheard of. There is one site where you can select your demon from a list you'd like to worship and watch videos, chat with the person behind the site and buy Satanic decorations etc. However don't think that is all what the Deep Web has to offer in terms of demonic rituals- I'm sure you could find grotesque images of human sacrifice because basically everything on the Deep Web has some element of suffering.

Like animals? Be careful, there are large and popular sites dedicated to animal cruelty, abuse, torture, murder and even bestiality. Most of these animals are alive and their torture is dragged out over a very long period of time. There is also archives of CCTV footage of animals starving to death, being abandoned or being run over. You do wonder what kinds of people what get such a kick.

The last thing I'll warn you about on the Deep Web is human experimentation. This is the most sadistic, cruel and pointless thing I have ever come across on the Deep Web to date. The most popular site 'The Human Experiment'; claimed to operate in four warehouses- abducting homeless people and putting them through Hell. Everything from bleach resistance, X-Ray exposure, sexual torture, dismemberment and ice water submerging to suffocating, drug trials, bone breaking and electric torture. Rumours about some sites claim there are infant sections, while others claim these people do live streams with a 'Pay for Pain' feature that users can utilise- to increase the torture severity on victims. This is not stuff to be taken lightly- and you almost always never reach these places intentionally.

The Deep Web is literally the closest thing humanity has created to infinity. With estimations ranging from 50-500,000,000,000 pages on this hidden Internet, you truly never know what you will find. You may choose to go from here with a game plan- to know what to find. But believe me, as soon as you enter you are logged by thousands of different people and websites forever- there is no going back. You will most likely go on a random trail of hyperlinks if you are just browsing. Hyperlinks are like doors on the Deep Web; and you never know what is behind the next one.

However you choose to act, I am not responsible for any malware you contract, legal trouble you incur or harm that comes to you and your family. I have warned you about the dangers of the Deep Web, there are some dangerous people in this world. It is your choice if you want to enter the maze.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thought of the Day

"I learned all I needed to know about Islam from 9/11."
"ISIS stand for all of these Muslims." 
"Islam is a seventh century ideology. It preaches hate, control and barbaric teachings."

Think about these statements for a second. Now, take a look at the Christian equivelant:

"I learned all I needed to know about Christianity from the bombing of the Baltic Exchange, London."
"Westboro Baptist Church stand for all Christians."
"Christianity is a seventh century ideology. It preaches hatred of the different (e.g. homosexual), control (e.g. give as much money as possible, or you go to Hell), and barbaric teachings."

Seems absurd to see Christianity in the same light; but the truth is religion is the cause of all trouble in the world today. If there is a God, he or she doesn't want you killing each other over the opposing decorative nature of your imaginary friend. If there is a God, no one understands it. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Visual Studio 2010 XNA Kit 4.0 Serial Key

So Visual Studio programs take up... what, 9GB-11GB of data per version? And I did have 2010, 2011 and 2013 so I was running low on space... Upon getting rid of 2010 I noticed the XNA Game Studio was missing (The thing that creates games for Xbox 360) and I was pretty annoyed.

Mind you, if you're in a similar situation and you can't get that friggin program onto your new version of Visual Studio, then you can always check for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone.

While a bit of a mouthfall in the name, this is basically just the XNA Game Studio 4.0 set up and redistributed in a new program- it's really good find. The only downside is that it could use a few Visual Studio Ultimate features but oh well. 

Anyway, if you want to use this (and Microsoft recommend you do) then get downloading. 

Now, it doesn't take the master key for the product range anymore ( Sad face :-( ) but here is the new key. No need to thank me. Enjoy your Xbox games and by the way, it integrates with Unity I think- so extra banter for all you indie game developers. Bye!